Why You Need to Make Your Eye Examinations a Priority

Some people seem to almost make going to their family doctor each year for a full physical a religious act. This is the group of patients who want to know what their vital statistics are and just need the reassurance that comes with receiving a clean bill of health. If you happen to fall into this category and won't let a year go by without getting that checkup, you should carefully consider whether or not you feel the same way about eye exams. Do you prioritize having your eyes examined by an optical professional? If you've somewhat let this aspect of your overall health maintenance routine fall by the wayside, read further to see why you must move your eye appointments to the top of your to-do list.

Changes in Vision Can Be Quite Subtle

Unless you experience a drastic change in the way that your eyes pick up the light around you, it's possible to be totally unaware of some problem with your vision. Eyesight doesn't always drop off suddenly; sometimes the changes are very subtle. If you don't have measurable data to compare the current state of your vision with, you may not understand just how much your vision has changed.

When you go in for an eye appointment the optometrist will typically issue an eye inspection. During this time, they will flick through several different panes of glass and invite you to say which ones make your vision pop more clearly than the other slides. Based on the answers that you give, the eye doctor can tell if you are near-sighted or far-sighted, if you possibly have astigmatism, and so much more. If you make it a point to go to the optometrist each year, you will be developing a record of changes in your eyesight that might be able to keep you from developing more serious eye-related problems because you caught the issues before they progressed.

Eye Exams Reveal Other Health Concerns

Getting regular eye exams isn't just about making sure you are always able to see correctly. There are a number of health concerns that can be revealed during an eye examination. If the optometrist detects one of these other medical problems, they can refer you to the proper specialist and possibly save your life in the process.

Going to the eye doctor on a consistent basis can make a real difference in the quality of your vision. Set up your appointment with an optometrist, such as Olympia Eye Clinic, Inc., P.S.