4 Tips For Choosing Eyeglass Frames For Your Child

If you have a child who needs to wear eyeglasses, then it's important to find the right glasses for them that they are comfortable wearing. This all boils down to the frames that you choose. Here are four tips for choosing the best frames for your child:

  1. Lightweight: First off, you want to choose frames that are lightweight so that they do not feel heavy on your child's face. When your child has frames that sit heavily on their face, it can lead to them playing with them more and wanting to take them off throughout the day. When you choose a lightweight option, your child will be so used to wearing them and will barely notice that they are there, which ensures that they glasses stay on their face. 
  2. Add Accessories: When choosing frames, you should also consider whether or not you want to add certain accessories. If so, then you want frames that can fit these accessories. Certain accessories can make wearing the glasses more comfortable for your child. This can include ear hooks, which hold the glasses in place, which is often needed for children who are active. 
  3. Spring Frames: If your child is younger, you should consider spring frames. These are frames that have springs that open and close the glasses, which allows the frames to be more flexible and prevents them from breaking if your child extends them out too far. Younger children will tend to do this a lot, so it's best to invest in these frames to save yourself money on replacing glasses in the long run.
  4. Let Your Child Have a Say: Finally, you want to be sure that you allow your child to have some say in the frames that they choose. This will encourage them to wear the glasses and feel comfortable in them. Remind them that they should narrow down their options to the most comfortable types of frames, but let them have a say in color choice and the size of the frames, as well. This way, your child will get a say in the style and not be embarrassed to wear them in public. 

When you consider these four tips for choosing eyeglass frames for your child, you can be sure that you invest in them wisely and ensure that your child is going to be comfortable and happy in these glasses for a long time to come. To learn more, contact a company like Wolcott Optical Service LC.