How To Select Glasses That Look Good On You

If you have discovered that you need to wear prescription glasses, you should put a good deal of thought into choosing a pair that you are going to be the most satisfied with. By putting extra thought into your selection, you'll find wearing your glasses to be physically and emotionally easier on you. The information in this article will help you to decide on the best pair of glasses for you.

Go with the shape of your face

If you wear the right shape of glasses for the shape of face, it can accentuate your best features and downplay the ones you may not want to have a lot of attention drawn to.

If you have a round face, you will find that square or rectangular will help give the illusion that your face is longer than it really is. You should stay away from round glasses, as they will further enhance the roundness of your face.  

If your face has more of an oval shape to it, then wider glasses will be a good choice. Wide rectangular ones will offset the shape and help your face look well-balanced in the glasses. Consider staying away from rimless or wire framed glasses.

For square faces, you should go with round or oval-shaped frames that will give your face a softer look. Wearing square or rectangular glasses can give you a very boxy and hard look.

If you have a heart shaped face then you may find it much easier to find a pair of glasses that look right on you. This face shape tends to look good in just about all shapes of glasses.

Go with your complexion

Once you decide which frames go well with your face's natural shape, you want to choose frames in the right color. If you go with frames that aren't right for your skin tone, hair and eyes, they can stand out too much when you have them on, or they can even change the look of your skin.

If you have skin that's very light colored, going with glasses that are white, light green or light yellow can cause your skin to look bleached out and pale. However, going with a light pink or purple can give your skin a nice glow. If you have dark skin, and you go with dark brown or gray glasses, they can give the appearance that your skin is dull. In this case, going with a bright color like bright blue, red or green can complement your darker skin and look great on you.

Consider your eye color

When it comes to frames that match your eye color, you just want to make sure you don't go with ones that match the color of your eyes too closely. Otherwise, your eyes won't stand out from behind the glasses as well. When you choose the right frames, you will like the way you look when you have your glasses on.

For more information, contact an optometrist in your area.