6 Eyeglasses Trends For 2016

With 2016 just around the corner, there's the impetus to discover what the coolest things are going to be for the upcoming year. Like all things fashion oriented, eyeglasses have trending styles that correspond to their wearability, as well. So, what types of trends are going to be hot for eyeglasses in 2016? Luckily, you have this article at your fingertips. Included throughout are 6 eyeglasses trends for the year of 2016.


With everything 90s looking fresh again in the mid 2010s, eyeglass manufacturers are all hearkening back to the days of early club kid culture in order to advance a great fashion line sense and marketing orientation. Some manufacturers have introduced eyewear that can be described as shiny, black acetate frames that evince the tugging leather of the early 90s rave scene and is even just as bright and reflective.


For people who want something that is not quite as extreme as a line that hearkens back to rave culture, there is still something for individuals who want to stand out in a crowd without being 100%, well, subversive. A few different well-know eyewear designers have developed eyewear lines that attempt to evince the feeling of being lost at sea, with a shiny reflective frame that is almost evocative of a late 1990s website. That's something you'll see a lot of this year: new takes on 90s fashion.

Big Lenses

Although the 1990s aren't the only thing that's going to be in fashion as far as eyewear goes during the year of 2016. Throwbacks to the late 1950s and 1960s are also going to be en vogue this coming year. For 2016, expect a lot of eyewear that is evocative of 1960s French yi-yi pop and New Wave films. Imagine, if you will, Brigitte Bardot meets the digital age.

BoHo Chic

If France 1964 isn't your thing, then maybe New York and Swingin' London circa 1972 are. There are plenty of designers working on updating looks from the 70s that are super chic and ready to hit the dance floor. A lot of these lines contain angular frames and the decadent patterns that were so very popular during this time period. The point of a lot of these lines is not to recreate the style, but rather to evoke the feeling of the decade and update the style for a new generation.

Prep School

Uniformed, straight laced, and classical pieces will also become somewhat trendy throughout the course of 2016. Eyewear producers are working hard on different fashions for public consumption that will evoke a sense of downtown cool and Ivy League smart combined with an art school taste of the fashionable. Get ready to see some updated looks on some classic fashion pieces with a more academic feel. This means that you should get ready to see plenty of wireframes next year!

In The Army Now

Camo has made a big splash on the street fashion scene since the early 2010s, but it has taken a few years for the world of eyewear to catch up. In 2016, expect to see a lot of camouflaged frames and even a few frames that attempt to evoke the steely cold determination (and simply cold steel) of jets and naval battle ships. Wartime has never been so fashionable with upcoming lines from well-know eyeglass manufacturers to evince the feeling of a skirmish in the deep jungle.

In the year 2016, expect to see a lot of eyewear designers take a lot of chances, but still stay true to their roots and find influences from a number of different time periods, designs, and themes. Find an "in" location, such as Wendy's Eyeglass Shack, to purchase your next pair.