Darlene in "Sweetness" in my color Spice

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Choose your top 3 styles/colors and email me at NRCosmetics@gmail.com or call 360-687-7891 (leave a message please if no answer).NEW-Special Feature Styles ONLY available on my FaceBook page from my FaceBook store. Follow the link to check out todays Special Feature and get FREE shipping US only.Follow the link here> https://www.facebook.com/pages/Natural-RadianceGlamour-Girl-Wigs/139127461136?ref=bookmarks My Glamour Girl Wigs are the finest, synthetics wigs available anywhere. The colors and cuts are modern , fun and easy to wear and care for.I specialize in deluxe salon inspired" Ultra" shades! They have multi tones with many colors per wig and some have shaded roots that give the most natural realism. This sets them apart from any other wig you may have worn. If you have gone to the salon for a haircut, highlights and professional color, you know how much it costs, and you have to go back again and again for upkeep. My wigs will offer convenience, ease of care and many compliments. They are so pretty,you will want to wear them. When you look at all the features and benefits, they only costs pennies per wear. Thank you for considering my Glamour Girl wigs! All the best, Darlene

Top quality wigs along with Darlene's video demonstrations to help you find the perfect look for you. YOUR best hair days are NOW!


The compliments are pouring in...Thanks Marie!
Hi Darlene, she arrived today!! I just love the color! My husband likes it on me too which counts for a lot.
I have been playing with her a bit, but will spend more time tomorrow. A head of hair sure makes a difference!!
I thank you so much for your great service and having it already washed! You offer so much and I truly appreciate it.
The color is so much like it used to be 25 years ago, so it goes with my coloring well. Latte, Latte!!
Blessings to you and we will talk again. Love it! Marie


"Gorgeous" Darlenes' Demo

"Ultima" Darlenes' Demo



"Hollywood" WIG Darlenes' Demo


A very happy customer writes...
Wanted you to see my new Tanya! (see her pic under my Glamour Girl wigs page) Love it! Just like my old hair. Thanks for all of your help and blessings !

Glamour Girl Wigs -"Diamond Collection"- NOT YOUR GRANDMAS' WIGS!- "Elegant"

Glamour Girl Wigs -"Diamond Collection"- NOT YOUR GRANDMAS' WIGS!- "Stunning"

Glamour Girl Wigs-"Diamond Collection"-"Sleek" NOT YOUR GRANDMAS' WIGS!

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Thank you...this is a first for me! I recently started losing my hair (like 2 weeks ago) didn't have a whole lot to spare in the first place....I started looking for help over the weekend and boy did I find it!!! Darlene you are a God send...I truly mean that! I ordered this fabulous Tanya on Saturday and she arrived today! It will take a few days to get used to wearing her but I think this is just what I needed...the color is spectacular and the best head of hair I have ever had much love to you all!! Oh and THANK YOU so much my new friend Darlene! - Julie

OK, it is easy to waste money on wigs. You go online and see lots of gorgeous styles on pretty faces. Then when you order one, it turns out to be nothing like the professionally styled and carefully posed wig you thought you were getting. You're plain lucky if you can even wear it. That all changed for me when I found Darlene Taylor on a Youtube video. Here is your personal consultant who actually cares that you get the right style, color, and fit and has the experience to make sure you do. And talk about quality. I was blown away when I got my beautiful Ovation. The hair moves, does not pack down, and the texture of the fibers is so natural that I can blend my own bangs and nape into it. The color is breathtaking. And I actually CAN put it on, run my fingers through it, and walk out the door feeling like a million bucks. That has never happened before! After getting it, I tested it out on my husband. I thought it was way too pretty for him not to suspect I was wearing a wig. He didn't guess. It just looks so natural, even from close up. He figured I was having an exceptionally good hair day. I cannot say enough about my good experience with Darlene Taylor.-Becky in California

"Darlene,Your wigs make me feel pretty :) and I get alot of compliments on them. No one can believe they're wigs! The blonde pixie seems to be everyone's fave. They say how beautiful the color is and how natural it looks on me. And I went out to a comedy show sat night and the comedian hit on me after the show and said "lovin the hair!" I was wearing the Hollywood wig that night.
Thank you for all you've done for me. You've given me back my self confidence and you have no idea how much that means to me. <3" - another happy customer

"Darlene,I can't go anywhere without being told how awesome and much younger I look. Can't wait to get something new in the future. Thanks for your kindness Darlene"....Marie

Hi Darlene,

Gorgeous is absolutely GORGEOUS! The "hair" arrived today, and the color is PERFECT. THAT is how I wore my own hair before I lost it 20 years ago to chemo. It NEVER grew back the same - I have been "fighting" the thinning for years. Finally I just had to do something. My husband's reaction? WOW!!!
Thank you for ALL your help. I deeply appreciate it. You are a sweetheart! I will be visiting your site often.God Bless.Love,DD

"I love these wigs sooooo much and can't believe how many compliments I get!" Marie owns Sweetness & Over the Moon

"WOW! Hi Darlene...just wanted to let you know I LOVE both wigs I purchased from you. They feel good on and look so natural. I couldn't be more pleased.
I'd like to order the Stunning wig from you as well. In some type of brown with hilites shade. I'm also going to send you a pic of me with the ultima on. Thanks again!!" Lori- owns "Gorgeous" and "Ultima"

"This is the most comfortable and stylish wig I ever owned. It is so natural looking. I love it for travel." Dianne owns "Chic"

Thanks so much Darlene!! Your wigs are gorgeous and unbelievably comfortable. So glad I found you!! - owns 3 wigs

Well, I took Miss Sophisticate, to my stylist. She it said that the quality was far superior to the PY ones I have brought in to her in the past. She barely cut anything, just evened it and shaped it slightly around my face, and I couldn't believe it. We both think the color is just right for me. I'd be interested in what else comes in that color.Thought I'd let you know. Karen from WA - owns "Sophisticat"

Hi Darlene...I received my mono top Diamond Collection wig and I love it!! I had it on and my 17 yr old son came in the room and said my god mom that looks like real hair :) it's gonna take some getting used to as this is a longer wig and I haven't had long hair since high school. I know I've said this before, but I truly am so very glad that I found you. I can't stay off of your website!! All of the wigs are just gorgeous and I want them all :))) I'm pretty sure my next purchase will be the pixie. Thanks so much for all you've done for me. It means more than you know.. <3 L.M.

"Not only is my Glamour girl Wig the most beautiful realistic hair I have ever had, it keeps my head warm in winter and I am still cool in the summer." S.Piserak owns "Socialite"

"A beautiful hairstyle, I love it. I just bought another and one for a friend as a gift." Ann owns several "Over the Moon"

One of our international Glamour Girls writes...
Today was my first week back at work with my new "hair" ... have been wearing it since I got it and still LOVE it but no one at work had seen it yet. Got too many compliments to count! The best one was where someone told me I looked 10 years younger! xo

"As an international flight attendant these gorgeous Glamour Girl wigs are a lifesaver. They pack easily, are so comfortable and look BETTER than my own hair. My last salon visit, I paid more for the haircut and color than for this wig & I enjoy wearing it over and over." - D. Parker owns several "Ultima"

"I look 20 years younger and get compliments on my "hair" all the time! No one knows its a wig and I feel confident and beautiful. It is so much easier than styling my own hair." Sonia owns "Modern" and "Over the Moon"

I was so excited to received my new hair today. The style looks great and I absolutely love the color! I can't wait to go home to try it on! I did stray a bought a wig from a local salon here in Cincinnati, but have not liked it since I bought it... and it wasn't cheap! I love my original purchase from you (Socialite, Praline Hilite), which I wear everyday and get lots of compliments on.

I have attached a photo of me wearing Socialite, Praline hilite. More pictures to follow!Thank you,B

Hi Darlene I go my wig today I just love it and I'm wearing it! It's just beautiful cut some bangs, sewed some clips and I'm good to go. I can't believe how fast it came and the color is outstanding. I will be ordering another to change off shortly. This wig surpassed my expectations.
I sent you a picture of me in the wig, I LOVE IT!!!

Thank you again,

Michelle K., another satisfied customer.

Regarding our customer service...

Thank-you for your personal service. Your expertise helped me select a perfect color and style.- S.P. from NJ

I would like say what tremendous personalized customer service you offer over all the rest. You took time out of your life to help me feel and look better and what an invaluable service that is!! - L. Maurer Pennsylvania

"Darlene, You ought to consider adding "tips on how to overcome procrastination" to your list of services. You sure know how to get things done with lightning speed.I'm impressed." Elizabeth - purchased "Elegant" in Silver Mix- from the mono top Diamond Collection

"Lifting Ladies To A New Level Of Loveliness"
About Me: I am 53, a licensed cosmetologist, professional image expert, makeup artist, and cancer survivor. I have traveled the United States as a corporate beauty trainer for the largest beauty company in the world. I am constantly seeking out the most effective anti aging skin care, cosmetics and luxuriously lovely top quality wigs available to offer YOU!
A make-up artist and style consultant for over 28 years I have worked for many top cosmetic companies.

Host a "Beauty Night In" (this is available anywhere as I travel worldwide!)Bring Darlene to you! We girls will get to have FUN and "try on wigs", makeup and get lots of great gifts and special pricing along with Darlene's expertise!

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