Troubleshooting Problems With Contact Lenses

4 Tips For Choosing Eyeglass Frames For Your Child

If you have a child who needs to wear eyeglasses, then it’s important to find the right glasses for them that they are comfortable wearing. This all boils down to the frames that you choose. Here are four tips for choosing the best frames for your child: Lightweight: First off, you want to choose frames that […]

Three Tips For Traveling With Your New Pair Of Glasses

The ability to see clearly can be a sense that many people take for granted, but there are many people that suffer from compromised vision. For those with eyesight issues, it may be necessary to wear glasses to correct this problem. However, if you have only recently started to wear glasses, it can be easy […]

Let’s Be Clear ~ Dry Eyes May Not Have To Be Treated With Prescription Drugs

Are you suffering from itchy, dry eyes and leery of taking prescription medications to correct the issue? If so, there are some natural eye care solutions and lifestyle changes that could help relieve your discomfort. The following information can help you better understand the natural options that are available to you. Ensure that you blink your […]

How To Select Glasses That Look Good On You

If you have discovered that you need to wear prescription glasses, you should put a good deal of thought into choosing a pair that you are going to be the most satisfied with. By putting extra thought into your selection, you’ll find wearing your glasses to be physically and emotionally easier on you. The information […]

6 Eyeglasses Trends For 2016

With 2016 just around the corner, there’s the impetus to discover what the coolest things are going to be for the upcoming year. Like all things fashion oriented, eyeglasses have trending styles that correspond to their wearability, as well. So, what types of trends are going to be hot for eyeglasses in 2016? Luckily, you […]

Five Good Reasons to Choose LASIK Eye Surgery

Just a generation ago, being nearsighted meant resigning oneself to wearing glasses or contact lenses for the rest of one’s life. However, glasses and contacts can be expensive, uncomfortable, and cumbersome. Today, Americans have the option to undergo LASIK eye surgery to correct, or at least improve, their vision permanently. What is LASIK eye surgery? […]

Understanding Lasik

If you have vision problems, then you might have thought about getting Lasik. However, you probably want to know all the facts before you make any major commitments. So what is Lasik? Lasik is actually an acronym that stands for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. The general idea is that a specialized surgeon (an ophthalmologist) uses laser […]

FAQs About Ptosis And Its Treatment

Ptosis is an eye condition that could potentially impact your sight. The condition can occur in any age, but is more common in older people. If you have recently been diagnosed with ptosis, here is what you need to know. What Is Ptosis? Ptosis is a condition that causes the eyelid to droop. In some […]

Finding, Correcting, And Preventing A Bad Eyeglass Prescription

Sometimes you may find yourself with an eyeglass prescription that doesn’t match your eyesight. This can lead to problems with eyestrain and make your glasses less effective. Here are some tips on how to prevent this problem.  What Causes a Bad Eyeglass Prescription? A bad eyeglass prescription may not be the fault of your doctor. […]